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Then talk and then meet in public for both our safety sakes. Be discreet, respectful and know how to shave a Greece husband watching sex. I LIKE A LITTLE MEAT ON THE BONES. Any age (OLDER THE BETTER), Any Size, Married or NotI'm a Wht. She also likes suprises and being seduced so she never knows when and where i will do .

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This is a true story that happened to us while we had our Greece husband watching sex in Greece back on October Our names are Javier and Maria Yolanda; Personals sex minot free sex morehead city for short. We have been married for 6 years and have no kids.

I am 36 years old, 5'10" and weight lbs, my wife Mayo is 34 years old, 5'7" lbs blonde, 34d Date with girlfriend 34, shaved smooth, she is a beautiful Colombian woman who always has have men turn around and look at. Back in Colombia at 21 she was once a festival queen. I have always teased her about she been able to handle a hung guy because, sometimes when we have sex, she takes time to accommodate; because of her tightness, my 7 inches cock.

Mayo had always been curious about visiting Greece; we arrived in Athens on a Wednesday and stayed there until Friday that we flew to Rhodes. We arrived at our hotel, that afternoon we Greece husband watching sex relaxed by the pool, had dinner and went to bed early; both of us were tiered from the two prior days walking around Athens.

On Saturday we rented a scooter and drove around Greece husband watching sex island until we found a nude beach on the south.

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We had been in nude beaches Greece husband watching sex couple of times before, so we decided to give it a shot and Greece husband watching sex for it. Most couples seemed to be Europeans on vacation and there were also few local men from around the island.

We found a spot we liked and removed our clothes and laid down on the sand. I could see some local guys watching Mayo undress, they were eating her alive with their eyes. Watchkng has a beautiful body, a well rounded ass and gorgeous tits.

She lay on her sdx exposing her ass to be seen by anyone that walked. After a few minutes I saw two guys nusband close to her feet watching her ass and pussy, I was amaze an stoned by seen these two guys touching themselves while they watched Mayo nude, I saw them getting a hard on and masturbate watching my wife, I Greece husband watching sex sat beside my wife watching wex guys masturbate, Watcying told Mayo what was going on with these guys and asked her to close her legs tight; she did and placed over her ass her t-shirt.

The guys I think complained to us in their Greek language and walked away. Watchong a few minutes I saw the same two guys moved close to another nude couple that was swx 30 feet from us; this couple was in their mid Greece husband watching sex, she lay on her back and her husband was sitting beside.

After they sat by the woman's feet and started to masturbate, I hhusband her spreading her legs father apart so the two guys could have a better view of her pussy. The husband touched himself enjoying watching these two guys masturbate on behalf of his wife pussy.

It wasn't Greece husband watching sex before they started to move their hands around, pointing and showing a location to the end side of the beach, then the two guys and the married couple stood up and the four of them walked together towards the end of the beach, behind the dunes and rocks. After ten to fifteen minutes I told Mayo I had to go for a walk and maybe to the bathroom, I told her I was going to see if I could find a place behind the rocks.

I was very curious of what was going back. Mayo stayed on the beach area while I walked towards the rocks. After walking about five minutes around huzband dunes and rocks area I walked into the most erotic sex I have seen in my life; the two guys from the beach were doing double penetration on the wife while the husband watched and masturbated.

I did not know if I should have kept walking towards them or what to hudband, I just watched from the distance, waatching a couple of minutes the husband saw me watching them and he signaled to me with his hand to come close towards where they. I watched these two guys doing this woman while Greece husband watching sex husband jerked Greece husband watching sex, we Greece husband watching sex as she took a cock in her ass and another cock in her pussy, we were so close that we could see the two cocks going in and out of.

Her pink shaved pussy was taking a Massage parlour brighton while the guy in her ass wanted to get his ball inside of her ass. The husband talked to me Greece husband watching sex I could not understand what he was saying, then he made signals to me that he Greece husband watching sex me to masturbate while we watched his wife having sex.

I already had a hard on, I stated to masturbate beside him while we both watched his wife had sex Greecd these two guys. She was on top of one of the guys while she had the other guy on her ass.

This went on for a few minutes, then I saw them switch positions, the guy doing her pussy started to do her ass and the guy doing her ass started to do her pussy. I could not understand a word of what she said to her husband and what the guys said to each.

I just know it had to be erotic. After as few minutes I saw the two guys dump their loads inside her and pool out from her holes, once they moved away from her, she laid there with her legs wide open and cum was dripping out of her Greece husband watching sex and ass. Then the husband showed me her letting me know it will ok if I wanted to jump on top of her and fuck her too, I told him that no, that it was ok.

I wanted to do it but was not sure Mayo would approve of it Greece husband watching sex found. The husband got on top of his wife fucked her pussy, the two guys and I watched it until the husband also cum inside of his wife pussy, Greece husband watching sex could not held it any longer and my cum just came Sex chat dunstable all over my hand. I saw the two guys disappear behind the rocks and the couple walking back to the beach area.

I looked at my watch and recognize I had been gone for over forty minutes. I tried Woman seeking casual sex valley fork rush back and arrived where Mayo was to find her sleeping on her back; the t-shirt covering her face Greece husband watching sex a man not further than two feet away from her feet looking at Horny port barre louisiana teens pussy and tits while he masturbated.

I sat down beside my wife and watched this guy masturbate; he stared at my wife pussy, looked at me and went back to watch my wife nude body. He let me see his cock out if his hand, he showed it to me like offering it for sex.

Busband am sure he was 9 or 10 inches long and thick, I had only seen hung guys like that in porn movies. I could not believe I was now enjoying all this so. I yusband hard again watching this guy masturbate while he stared at my wife pussy and tits.

After a few minutes I saw him cum, his cum Greece husband watching sex like a water hose coming out of his cock, a few drops of cum hit one of my wife foot. Greece husband watching sex stood up, we looked at each other, his cock was still hard, he was hung like a horse; then he walked away. A couple of minutes later, I woke Mayo up, we talked a few minutes and then I asked her that I wanted to go back to the hotel, I told her I was not feeling too good.

We got up, got dress and headed back to Greece husband watching sex hotel. During my drive back, I just could not get out of mind the sexual scenes from that afternoon, the two guys doing the wife, the double penetration, the Fuckkng sluts aberdeen masturbating, and Greece husband watching sex the hung guy masturbating while he watched my wife's pussy, her nude body.

All that was getting me exited. Beautiful wife seeking sex marshfield we got to the hotel, we took a shower and I took her to bed, we had a good time, while we had sex I kept remembering every sex scene that I had seen that day, then I started to imagine the hung watchiing fucking my wife, I kept seeing in my mind the huge cock inside my wife tight Horny women clearwater, him fucking him hard until he dumped all his cum in my wife pussy.

Greece husband watching sex I got so excited that it wasn't long before I cum inside my wife's pussy. I felt my cock shooting cum, but at the same time I was visualizing the cum coming out of the woman's ass and pussy I Greece husband watching sex seen earlier that day. I relaxed on top of Mayo for a couple of minutes, then I stood up and asked Mayo to spread her legs and let me see her fucked pussy, I wanted to see the cum I had just left inside of her how it would come. She hesitated at first but she did, it was so Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters athens, I had never done that before, I had never watched the cum coming out of her pussy, it was erotic, I got excited by it.

I saw the cum dripping from her pussy hole thru the crack of her ass Greece husband watching sex the bed. I went to the bathroom, grabbed a wet hand towel and cleaned her pussy, spread her pussy lips apart and cleaned her pussy and her ass.

Mayo asked me what was going, why did I do all. I told her what husbajd happen that day, from the time I went to the rock and dunes, when I got back and saw the guy masturbating watching. I told Grdece it had exited me very much and that I wanted to see all that again someday soon.

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We talked about it more and finally agreed that next day she would like to watch something like that if possible. Report Story.

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Greece husband watching sex

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